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Let's Go Back

Acts 2:42-47

This section of scripture convicts, yet captivates; makes me tremble, yet stirs my soul. It makes my heart wonder, “Can we still live this way today?” How can church come back to this after it has been brainwashed and watered down by the ways of this world and the American dream?

This is a model of fear & awe (v. 43); an example of true fellowship together (v. 46); unity among all who believed (v. 44); true servanthood, selflessness & generosity (v. 46); worshipping daily together (v. 47). The result? “The Lord added to their number day by day those who were being saved.” (v. 47b)

It has nothing to do with church attendance on Sundays. It didn’t matter how many outreach events were planned. It wasn’t about rules/legalism.

They devoted themselves to 4 things:

  1. The apostles’ teaching

  2. Fellowship

  3. Breaking of bread

  4. Prayer

It can still look this way! Share life with others & break bread (eat a meal) together. Give, if you see a need. Believe, in faith, that hearts will be changed. Pray for your brothers & sisters. Pray for your enemies.

Can we allow the love we have for God to overflow, infiltrate, & consume our every moment? Seek Him. Read His word. Let your light shine. Are you with me church?

In Him,

Katie Karlson

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